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Hotion group starts from the production of steel spares. With nearly twenty years' development, we have evolved from the initial basic spares' production to the current spares' upgrade and solution optimization. During the development process, we combined our own industrial network to expand our business scope to more industrial fields, including casting, forging, crane, valves, hydraulics, transmission and fire resistance. At present, we have many workshops for the spares productions in Shenyang, Anshan, Dalian, Jiangsu and other regions in China. Meanwhile, we have a long-term strategic cooperation with many manufacturers of industrial products and design institutes in China. We pay more attention to the development of new wear resistance material and new process optimization, we will recommend more and more achievements to the customers to bring more benefits to them. We are sincerely hope to serve more worldwide customers.

Vision & Mission

Save more production costs for customers with the stable and efficient products. Solve the industrial needs of customers with the professional solutions.

Hotion provides a complete product system to meet the different requirements of customers. From the drawing confirmation, to the quality control during production, to the actual working performance, and finally to the customers' process optimization or products' upgrade. At the same time, in accordance with the characteristics of the products and actual working condition, hotion technical team provides complete solutions to help customers upgrade existing processers and products.

Production capacity


Casting Grades
grey iron, ductile iron, alloy iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant alloy, copper and aluminum





Casting Process
green sand, resin-bonded sand, lost wax, lost foam and centrifugal casting

  Production  Process

Free forging

Die forging

Casting Size

Iron 0.5kg-20,000kg  Steel 0.5kg-2,000,000

Forging Size

Round Piece Machining
Plate Cut Thickness
240mm max
Vertical Lathe
3.5m, 6m, 8m, 12m, 16m(NC&Ordinary)
Plate Bending Size
Thickness 60mm, width 3000mm
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper
Horizontal Lanthe
Max Dia 2.0m x 12m (NC&Ordinary)
Weld Process
Surface Treatment
Overlaying, Sparying Welding, Cr Coating
Cylindrical Grinder
Dia 2m x L10m

Straight Hole, Keyway Machining
Gear Machining
Horizontal Boring and Mill
Dia 35-500mm(NC&Ordinary)
Gear Hobbing
Dia 1.6m to Dia 10m
Double Column CNC
W3.10m x H 2.45m x 6.5m max
NC Gantry Planers
W3.15m x L12m & W 5m x 8m
Gear Grinding
Dia 0.8m to Dia 8m
Various Planers
3.45m x 12.5m max

Quality Control

As a professional manufacturer cetrified by ISO 9001, we have strict requirements on products quality.

For raw materials produced by casting, rolling and forging processes, we will have 100% flaw detection.

For products with high requirements on dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, it will be machined by CNC machine tools and CNC grinding machines.

For products with heat treatment, each batch of products will be subjected to a tensile test using a sample bar to confirm the heat treatment effect.

From the selection of raw materials to the production of products, we establish corresponding quality standards in every link to ensure the quality of products entering the next link. In addition to the technical requirements of the customers' drawings, we also implement more internal quality supervision on the products. On the basis of meeting the technical requirements of customers' drawings, all the manufactured products will be further optimized on the surface roughness and processing accuracy according to the actual working conditions of the product to improve the actual use of the product.

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