Continuous Casting

Continuous Casting Equipments & Spares

According to the requirements of the continuous casting process, we design and produce spare parts for the key equipments in the continuous casting process, including: copper mould tubes, electromagnetic stirrers, continuous casting rolls, pulling straightening rollers, and dummy bar. At the same time, we can also provide customers with the complete solution for spare parts to help customers maximize cost saving in continuous casting production. For roller products, we offer a complete surfacing process to increase the products' working life such as overlaying 414N material and so on. For the electromagnetic stirrers, we are able to offer the overall system includes EMS and electric control cabinets. We also could design and produce dummy bars with the type of rigid dummy bar and spring dummy bar. Regarding the copper mould tubes, we could produce square type, rectangle type, round type, beam blank type, and non-standard type.

Continuous Casting

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