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Our transmission business provides a comprehensive range of couplings and gearbox products for the industrial companies.

The hardness of the hardened gears processed by the company can reach 4000mm, and the precision is stable to 5 levels,

up to 3 levels. In the high-speed box series that has been manufactured, the maximum power is 58,000kW and the

maximum speed is 63,000 rpm. The company introded a complete set of computer-controlled heat treatment

equipment and testing equipment from Germany, which can conduct quenching, carburizing, quenching, nitriding,

high-frequency quenching and metallographic analysis of gears and shafts.

The maximum diameter of the carburizing furnace is up to 4000mm, the depth of the carburized layer is up to 8mm,

and the hardness of the tooth surface is up to HRC58~62.The universal joint shaft and coupling products are mainly

drum-shaped couplings and cross-shaft universal couplings. All products cover many rolling production lines of steel mills. The products are obtained with the stable working performance.

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