Hot Rolling Strip

Hot Rolling Flat Spares

We focus on high-consumption, high-wear spare parts in the hot-rolled strip workshop, while providing high-quality spare parts and complete solutions for the strip workshop. These spare parts include table rollers, bearing chock, wearing plates, upper & bottom pinch rolls, and spares of recoiler. For the table rollers, we are able to produce the all kinds of table rollers with the surface coating process, such as overlaying, spray welding. For the wear plates, we are good at corc-g material which have the same production process with the German production process. Our engineers would like to help customer to update their normal wear plates to the corc-g material. For the recoiling machine section, we are good at upper & bottom pinch rolls and our overlaying layer can keep enough rolling tonnage for different working conditions. We are good at producing all kinds of spares for the recoiling machine, such as shafts, coiler sector plates, etc.

Hot Rolling Strip

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